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Running groups around the world sharing their best local runs for you to discover.
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Runners know that working out where the best place to run is surprisingly hard

There should be a way to unlock the wisdom of locals so we can explore home or abroad. That's why we're building RunHunters.

How RunHunters rewards running groups.

When runners unlock the run tools via in-app purchase, we share the proceeds back to the running group that created the run. That run group can choose to invest further in their run community or direct the proceeds to charity.
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Whether cities or trails - here's how the RunHunters app helps you

Whether you've just arrived in town for work or are heading somewhere new on vacation, we'll show you a map of runs the locals would tell you not to miss out on. They could be city paths or local trails but there's nothing worse than hearing 'Oh you should have run...., it's just over there!'

Some runs need more preparation than others. Take advantage of local tips on route facilities such as water, toilets and parking. Share the run with a run buddy, download the offline map or GPX file and send the route to Strava...or simply hit the button to start tracking your run in-app.

We've all set off on runs we could have done with more safety info on! Dodgy areas, lethal traffic, cliff edges, miles from help if you get into trouble. You can set off much more confidently taking into account route safety and gear tips, route sharing with friends, real-time lat/long coordinates, local emergency numbers and warnings on connectivity black spots.

Running groups come in all flavours. Locals can help you explore city parks, local trails, urban artwork and even pubs. We'll help you find out who the local run groups are, when they run, where they meet and what spins their wheels.

Our mission is to help you run somewhere you may never have explored without the RunHunters app. Whether it's ticking off that 5km training run you needed to do, fulfilling a dream of running at dawn in Paris or collecting the best beach runs in Sydney we want to help you unlace your shoes with a massive smile on your face.

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