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July 24, 2020
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Chunky progress & 20 app tips you may not know

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Henry Talbot
RunHunters Team
July 24, 2020
 min read

The latest version of RunHunters is now out in both the app stores 😅 . We thought this would be a good moment to revisit the changes we've made over the past 6 months and do our best to let you know what's been improved and updated so you can make the most of RunHunters. Many of the bigger pieces are in direct response to your requests in our quarterly surveys, so thank you for helping us prioritise! So what did you ask for?

"Don't make me re-find the guide screen if the app closes!"

As runners we don't want the phone or the app open all the time, it drains battery and is not practical. In the past if the app closed you would have to find the run and open the guide screen each time, frustrating! Now, if the app closes itself in the background, when you re-launch, it will go back to the route guide screen you were on and show you your location.

"Let me use the route GPX on my watch"

Every RunHunters route is re-mapped by us from GPX files submitted by our runners. Raw GPX files typically 'bounce' all over the place, especially in more remote areas. Our re-drawn routes are the most accurate and we believe more trustworthy than generic hiking app info. This accuracy means our routes are great for following in running watches, with the phone/app being kept in your pocket for those tricky navigation sections when you want to see the bigger picture. You can now download route GPX files by logging in to your account on our website.

"Give me desktop tools to help my planning"

We've just launched the start of our desktop planning tools on our website. You can search for routes, download GPX files, view your saved routes, add new routes (see below). Simply login via our homepage.

"Help me zoom in more easily"

We get that the circles with numbers weren't ideal as nothing happened when you tapped on them. Now you can tap and zoom in on that run cluster. We're working further to improve this including list views... coming soon.

"Let me add a run to RunHunters"

Something that puts a big smile on our faces is hearing from our runners who want to share their favourite local runs. Whether easy or hard, long or short it's been great to have the RunHunters community contribute so much. We originally had a way to add runs via the app but it was too hard so we've build a way to add runs via the website. Simply login via the homepage.

"Please keep adding more runs!"

If you haven't logged into RunHunters for a while you'd notice a much larger range of runs to explore and we keep adding to it every week. In the last 6 months we've added more than 700 routes for you to explore.

So that's the big stuff, but how many of the little things did you know?

1. Simply use the main map to navigate accurately even if not following a specific route. The trail detail is excellent.

2. The run guide screen has been built to stay open unless you close the phone.

3. Tap the compass in top right hand corner to fix back to North.

4. Tap the life ring in an emergency to know your exact position. Life Ring is now on your route screen for easy access.

5. Tap any map pin, including start/finish, to be able to launch Directions to that point e.g. if you're driving to the start.

6. Some pins for coffee/refreshments/gear stores have More Info buttons to take you to their website.

7. You can send us your local recommendations for pre and post run indulgences on

8. Easily share the run details with friends using 'Share' in the menu button.

9. Drag your finger along the elevation profile to see which way to run the route.

10. Zoom in to see water fountains and toilets, they are marked with red icons.

11. The pin colours Green, Blue, Red, Black indicate how 'difficult' the run is and usually reflects a combination of elevation change and distance. Green is easiest, Black is hardest.

12. In Reviews tap the run name to see the run details.

13. You can now login to your account on our website to view info you've saved in the app.

14. When the map is zooming in automatically tap the screen to stop the zoom.

15. Slide 2 fingers (iOS) 3 fingers (Android) up/down the map to tilt the map view.

16. Filter the runs on the screen by dominant surface type using Advance Filters e.g. just show me runs with more than 30% Single Track.

17. If the filter button on the main map is red it means you've left a filter applied to the map.

18. Save a run or a Collection for later viewing

19. Review a run to help others understand what it's like

20. You can get more info in our Help Centre via the app (in Settings) and via your account on the website.

How did you go? Did you know most of this already? If you have any questions on this shoot us a message on 😊

We've got a long way to go to continue to refine and improve RunHunters but it's been a solid 6 months of behind the scenes beavering away, thank you to the whole RunHunters crew and those who continue to support, encourage us and spread the word 🙏

Make sure you're on the latest version of RunHunters to take advantage of all these features to help you explore. You can download the latest iOS version here and the latest Android version here .

Download the app and get exploring today

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