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April 11, 2020
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NZ's 50 most viewed trail run guides - Easter 2020

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Henry Talbot
RunHunters Team
April 11, 2020
 min read

We're writing this post in crazy times of lock-down and it will be interesting to look back in months and years to come as to how things may change into the future. At least here in Sydney we're allowed out to exercise for an hour but our Kiwi mates over the ditch have tighter limitations on exploring from home. One thing we definitely have in common is dreaming of where we'll head for some mini-adventures once we're free to roam again.

For a little spark of inspiration, here are the top 50 run guides on RunHunters that our New Zealand app users either tackled pre lockdown, or are checking out whilst in lockdown.

To see the specific route information and tips search for any of these runs by name in the app. The top 5 have been hyperlinked to open directly into the RunHunters app if you're reading this on your phone.

In order of most views:

  1. Station to Station, North Shore Urban Trails
  2. VKV challenge
  3. Slip Track from Titirangi
  4. Sign Of The Takahe - Rapaki
  5. Riverhead Blast
  6. Inner City Bush Trails
  7. WestCoaster 30
  8. Fun at Riverhead
  9. The Wenderholm Wonder
  10. Pirongia Loop of Awesomeness
  11. Totara Park Track
  12. Sanctuary Fenceline
  13. Eastbourne Ridge Loop
  14. Waikowhai Stairs, Bush & Beach
  15. Gondola Gallop
  16. Polhill Reserve Loop
  17. Bird to Bird
  18. Ernie's loop
  19. Southern Walkway
  20. Jumbo - Holdsworth Circuit
  21. Riverhead Rambling
  22. WUU2k - 42km Route
  23. Mt Victoria Loop
  24. The Pipeline of Pain
  25. Goldies Goodness
  26. Flagstaff Swampy Circuit
  27. Matangi Loop
  28. The Route of No Return - Puhoi to Dome Valley Cafe
  29. Nga Tapuwae o Toi Trail
  30. Long Bay Regional Park
  31. Campbells to Browns Bay
  32. Te Miro Outside Loop
  33. Mt Oxford - Wharfdale Track
  34. The Bays Run
  35. West Wind Makara
  36. O'Farrells For Shore
  37. Mt Isobel Long Loop
  38. Mt Vernon Farm Track
  39. Sumner Half Heads
  40. Bottle Lake Forest Loop
  41. Hollis Stairway to Heaven
  42. Christchurch 360 Trail - Sugarloaf Hills Section
  43. Muriwai Beach and Trail
  44. Karetai, Highcliff, Paradise and Greenacres
  45. Flat Fun in the East
  46. Escarpment Track
  47. Skyline - Mt Kaukau
  48. Perhams Road Loop
  49. Otawa Trig
  50. Red Rocks Loop

If you have a favourite local run you'd love to share with other runners let us know or from our website homepage click 'Submit a Run'.

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